Our Video Services

Custom Video Production

We provide video production, with animation and/or actors. Custom video production allow you to show your message with style.

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Video Testimonials

Establish credibility through customer endorsements

  • Real customers introduce company or service
  • Customers establish trust and credibility
  • Natural and unscripted
  • More believable than written testimonials
  • Visitors spend 10 times longer on sites with testimonial videos! (ReelSEO)

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Scripted Ads

Grab attention and persuade customers to take action

  • Professionally-recorded narrator introduces company or product
  • Professionally-written script
  • Great for broadcast
  • Best for camera-shy clients

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Interactive Video

Interactive videos are best use of your audience by personalizing your content and maximizing your calls to action. Including QR codes, Short text, landing pages, location based promotions and mobile coupons.

Video Profiles

Showcase a business, product or service in a personal way.

  • Employees introduce company or product
  • Adds personality to the company
  • Genuine and unscripted
  • More personal than traditional ads

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Video News Releases

Spark media interest and generate buzz online

  • Commercial-style video that showcases company news and announcements
  • Effective public relations tool
  • Great for social media outlets
  • Includes scriptwriting, concept development and professional voice narration

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