Send the right message to the right audience at just the right time for maximum impact!

Brand Media is passionate about developing smart digital signage solutions that inspires consumers. Whether you’re introducing new products, conveying special offers right at the point of sale or displaying entertaining video content.
Digital signage is an effective way to convey your marketing message and enhance the brand experience.


Dynamic content delivered to your screen allows for interactivity. This results in unparalleled consumer experience, all while delivering on your marketing goals.


Brand Media’s digital menus boards are a fantastic way to keep your store’s advertisements current through instantaneous updateable prices and content on our vibrant dynamic menu displays.


Brand Media’s fully interactive wayfinding maps get your visitors through your space while providing an easy self-service source of information.


Engage customers to participate creating a connection that builds brand loyalty and stimulates sales. Brand Media has created interactive kiosk that provide shoppers with the ability to learn more about products and services by selecting products that suits their needs.


Video walls are very popular. They inspire the imagination, and deliver the “Wow factor, whether trying to convey an image of cutting edge technology or elevating a brand. Brand Media has experience creating high-quality LCD video walls that can be made to suit your unique venue.


With real-time social media integration powered by your customers, Enplug is tailored just for you.

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Almost 72% of adults 18 and over, have seen digital signage. Indoor advertisement has 63% recall rate.