Loyalty App

The Brand Media kiosk thrives in high foot traffic environments. If you’re seeking a loyalty kiosk, digital rewards platform, or lead capture solution, the Brand Media iPad kiosk is right for you. Uses range from digital punch cards, rewards and loyalty to lead capture, registration forms and more.


Use the iPad Kiosk to Create Loyal Customers

Brand Media loyalty kiosks combine traditional loyalty programs with automated marketing systems to create an all-in-one loyalty-marketing platform. While most loyalty and rewards systems simply reward customers for coming back, Brand Media recognizes customers who ARE NOT coming back and sends automated incentives to be more loyal.  With the Brand Media loyalty iPad kiosk your business can customize customer rewards and send reminders to customers who are not coming back as frequently as they should.


  • Mobile phone number
  • Web form
  • SMS text


  • CMS to manage customer base
  • Report dashboard
  • Digital punch card
  • Backend analytics


  • Set up marketing campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Text messaging/SMS marketing
  • Marketing automation

Replace Physical Cards with Digital Check-ins

Taking your punch card digital provides an easy way to connect with your customers. Rather than simply rewarding customers who come in often, Brand Media’s digital loyalty system recognizes un-loyal customers and sends them customized reminders to entice them to come back.

Capture 10X More Leads with the Kiosk

A business’s contact list is a prediction of their future revenue to succeed. Because of the simple interface of the iPad kiosk and placement right at the point of sale; the Brand Media iPad kiosk has proven to be able to capture more than 10X the leads of other lead capturing systems.

As soon as customers enter their information, it’s imported directly to the Brand Media loyalty software or other mail platform of your choice, like MailChimp or constant contact