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Enplug, Next-generation interactive digital signage

Enplug turns any normal HD display into your own live hub. Download apps, adjust color themes, upload your own custom graphics and more with a click or tap from anywhere. With real-time social media integration, Enplug combined with Mevato is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Enplug is next-generation interactive digital signage. Real-time social media integration powered by your customers, Enplug is tailored just for you. To interact, all you need is your smartphone. Use your existing social media accounts to allow your customers to post content onto the screen in real-time.

Improve Customer Experience

Instant gratification

Customer’s posts show up on the screen in real-time.

Customer Favorites

Users love to share their recommendations and experiences with others.

Effective Marketing

When users interact with your display, they’re sharing your brand with the social media universe.

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Easy to Control. Let’s Get Personal.


Manage all of your social media accounts
Quickly view and engage with your customers’ interactions – all in one place.

Customize Your Display
Select a theme to match your venue
Upload images and custom graphics
Share your current promotions
Announce upcoming events

How does it work?

You’ll see customer interactions appear on your Enplug Display in real-time. This means when a customer posts to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or checks in with Foursquare, you see it within seconds. You can also choose to show top reviews from Yelp.


Take an Instagram photo at the venue and see it instantly pop up on your Enplug screen


Using #hashtags of the venue’s name, users’ tweets show up directly on Enplug screen


All posts on your page, including photos, are displayed for everyone to see.


Let everyone know you’re at the venue


Display your reviews to remind and encourage customers to share their experience.

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